How to Clean Baby Bottles? Safe Baby Bottle Brush Set!

Author:TXDY | TIME:December 25,2018

Parents always attach great importance to baby things, especially those closely connected with what they eat. You can't be too careful to pick up the best baby bottle brush for your baby.

When it comes to a high-quality bottle brush, we would like to recommend UUSHER baby bottle brush set which aims to keep your baby bottles and accessories clean and safe.

Each time, when you have to buy a new brush, think carefully of the following important factors.

What Makes the Best Baby Bottle Brush?

  • Material

Safety is given the first priority to baby care products and baby bottle brush is of no exception.

UUSHER bottle brush set is made of food-grade material which has been approved by FDA. It contains no BPA, Phthalate, Lead or any other toxic substance.

  • Length

The baby bottle brush should be long enough to reach the bottom of the interior of the bottle and make sure that there are enough space to move it around to clean the bottle.

UUSHER baby bottle brush, featuring 11.6 inches long, is suitable for baby bottles of most brands. It is even detachable to fit small or short bottles. Just by pressing and pulling, you could separate the handle and the sponge head for convenient use.  

The cleaning kit also includes a pacifier cleaner which is featured with a sponge tip to fit the special design of the nipples. 

baby bottle brush

  • Bristles

It is suggested that you should choose a baby bottle brush with two types of bristles, soft bristle for common use and hard bristle for stubborn stains.

In addition to soft sponge bottle brush heads, UUSHER cleaning kit also includes a straw brush cleaner which consists of stainless steel handle and hard nylon bristles so as to remove difficult-to-clean stains. 

baby bottle brush

  • Anti-slipping handle

Wet hands with soap could easily get slippery, which would add difficulty to cleaning when you grab the bottles. If you are unfortunately washing a glass bottle or cup, it seems like a disaster in your kitchen with scattered fragments everywhere. Therefore, an anti-slipping brush matters.

UUSHER baby bottle brush boasts of a non-slipping texture that increases the friction. No worry about falling bottles or glass cups anymore. 

Warm Tips of Using Baby Bottle Brush

  • Specific bottle brush for specific baby bottles.

Never mix your baby bottle brush with other bottle brush. If you use a brush for a baby bottle, don’t use it to clean other things. Similarly, you should not pick up a random brush to clean your baby bottles. 

  • Clean your baby bottle brush regularly.

The baby bottle brush is used to clean baby bottles, but they also require regular cleaning. Clean it with warm water and make sure that it is dried up in a clean and ventilated area.

  • Replace your baby bottle brush regularly.

The sponge is easy to breed bacteria, so it is recommended to change a new one at least every 3 months. UUSHER baby bottle brush set includes 3 replacement brush head for your convenience to replace a new one. 

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