Decorate Your Own Cake With Cake Decorating Supplies

Author:Max | TIME:December 27,2018

If you're like making a cake and decorating cakes for having fun, then you should figure out what cake decorating supplies you need. Be prepared before you want to make a cake is important. Trust me! If you are a beginner to do a home cake, now UUSHER is offering you super easy to use cake decorating supplies to finish your own cake.

What Cake Decorating Supplies Will You Need?

The secret to making a beautiful cake is to have the right tools. Let's reveal the secret.

Pastry Bag

pastry bag or piping bag comes in a cone- or triangular shape and is a hand-held bag for cake decoration. When you need to decorate the cake, you need to snip off the tip of the pastry bag and then fill in the semi-solid cream or something like that. Let the icing down to the bottom and give it a little squeeze so that the icing will come out.

Piping Tips

If you are a newcomer, then you can try making a cupcake, which is much simpler than a cake. And using Decorating piping tips is necessary if you want to make cupcakes. UUSHER cake decorating supplies includes 2 different tips for forming star and creating flowers.

piping tips.jpg

Cupcake Liners

Cupcake Liners are mainly used to arrange cake or muffin trays to prevent the batter from sticking to the side. besides, it helps you clean the dirty pot while if unlined it is likely to cause a mess by the sticky batter. And it can help prevent bacteria from spreading through the oven and display. Of course, it is important that the baking cup provides stability and shape. We all want a uniform appearance with no crumbling.


Icing Smoother

Smooth icing is a key step to make your cake look great. With Icing smoother, one of the most challenging steps in cake decorating can be made easier.

Icing Smoother helps to create a perfectly smooth top and side of the cake. Available in different sizes for different cake heights for easy smooth icing. You can easily smooth the bottom edge of the cake and creating smooth professional finishes allowing greater creativity of cake design. But remember to relax and be patient when you practice your skills.

Icing Smoother.jpg

UUSHER Perfect DIY Kit for Home Baker

USHER DIY Kit Includes 2 Pastry Bag, 22 Tips, 8 Cupcake Liners, 1 Flower Nail & 3 Icing smothers. Pastry Bags and Cupcake Liners are made of food-degreed Silicone, non-BPA, non-toxic and safe. Silicone materials are completely environmentally friendly and more environmentally friendly. And they are easy to clean and the dishwasher is safe.

4 blue and 4 pink silicone cake baking cups help homemade cupcakes. They are brightly colored and have a cute shape that makes your cupcake look even better.

You cant 3 different icing smoother and a stainless steel flower nail to get a perfect finish and create different patterns. of course,  you can use them to cut dough or use them as cake comb.

cake decorating supplies.jpg

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