Macrame Plant Hangers - Practical Home Decor

Author:TXDY | TIME:December 27,2018

Nowadays, more and more people began to grow plants at home. It not only adds beauty and life to your space but also helps refresh air indoors, especially when you just move to a new house. Household gardeners used to put the flowerpots on the flower stand or flower shelf and leave them in the balcony. However, as small apartments are getting more and more popular, flower stands do take up too much space on the floor. They are now seeking some alternatives to store their flowerpots, such us hanging them up.

Home decor has long been a complex issue as we have so many choices today. Years ago, Bohemian style sweeps around the world, covering home decoration, clothes, ornaments, etc.

There comes a creative way that combines the fashionable Bohemian style and hanging plant holder. That is what we called macrame plant hangers.

macrame plant hangers

There are many courses that teach people how to DIY macrame plant hangers, from easy to difficult steps. However, it would take a long time to finish one hanger, especially when you are not good at making things on your own. If you have multiple flowerpots to hang up, it could be really a waste of time from preparing the materials to finishing making several of them. Therefore, we would recommend you to purchase one because they actually do not cost a lot.

Our UUSHER macrame plant hangers include 6 pieces in a package of three sizes so as to accommodate different shapes and sizes of flowerpots. The small plant hanger measures 34.65 inches which are designed for flowerpots of 5.9 inches in diameter and 5.1 inches in height, medium size measuring 41.34 inches for flowerpots of 7.1 inches in diameter and 5.9 inches in height while large size measuring 48.03 inches for flowerpots of 7.9 inches in diameter and 7.1 in height.

Why should you choose UUSHER hanging plant holder set? Here are the reasons.


The hangers are made of natural jute which produces no harmful substance so that you could feel free to leave it either indoors or outdoors. Bleach is likely to cause respiratory diseases, skin diseases or allergies. These plant holders maintain the natural color of jute so as to eliminate the potential danger of bleaching agent.

Moreover, the natural color perfectly matches different types of plants and most home decor, making you feel like living in the nature. The knot linked to the macrame design adds a mysterious exotic charm to your house. The macrame plant hangers not only display your plants but also your beautiful flowerpots, which would definitely cheer you up.  


As we have stated before, hanging up the plants is a good idea to save space. Have you ever been stumbled by the scattered flowerpots in your small apartments? It would bring inconvenience or even danger to your life especially when you have senior person or children at home.

Worse still, if you have pets at home, like rabbits, pets or dogs, they are the top enemy for plants. I bet that you would never like to see your beloved plants destroyed by your beloved and naughty pets. Once, you put the flowerpot in the hanging plant holder, you are actually protecting your plants.

With a ring at the top of the plant hanger, you could easily hang it to the wall, window, porch, balcony or anywhere else with hooks.

If you would like to hang it to places without hooks, there are also cup hooks included in the package. 

cup hooks

No matter from the perspective of practical use or aesthetics, we believe that our macrame plant hangers would never let you down.  

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