UUSHER Ice Cube Trays for Perfect Drink

Author:Max | TIME:December 25,2018

Nothing compares to a cold drink in the summer. You need ice to cool your drink, and UUSHER brings hope to your summer. Often, when you want to make ice cubes, you don't always get good results. You may get broken ice, or you will take a long time to pop out the ice cubes. But UUSHER ice cube trays make a difference. Improved ice trays came out of the market and it stood out, though all the trays are trying to do the same thing.

UUSHER Updated Ice Cube Trays

Tired of fighting with your old ice cube trays to pop out the ice cubes? Feels sick of excess water putting all the ice cubes together? UUSHER ice cube trays come to offer a better solution and help you get perfect ice cubes in summer. It lets you forget that a tray that is too fragile will rupture within a week.

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21 Independent Portions 

Each ice cube tray has 21 independent portions and a detachable lid to help you make the perfect ice cube. Too big ice cubes can't be compatible with different glass cups, and if the cube is too small it will melt too quickly to really get you a cold drink. Cubes made with UUSHER are suitable for different sizes of cups to make your beer or drink cold. Just fill the tray with water/fruit/ice cream/soda/wine, cover, and put them in the fridge.

Lid Matters for Ice Tray

Traditional ice trays are not equipped with a lid, which not only wastes a lot of space in your refrigerator but also causes cross-contamination of food. The ice trays are equipped with removable hard plastic lid for easy stacking.

The lid helps prevent spillage, evaporation or excessive freezing or contamination. The flexible rubber bottom makes it easy to stand on the lid of other ice cube trays. After the ice cubes freeze, you peel off the lid, pour the ice cubes into the container and repeat.

Easy to Pop Out Ice Cubes

When the water turns into ice cubes, you can take them out of the tray. Thanks to its rubber bottom, you can easily remove every perfect ice cube without cracks or debris. All of them are very clean and ready to make different ice drinks.

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How to deal with excess water

1. lift lid and fill tray with water, juice or other thing. then cover with lid.

2. hold the ice cube trays over the sink. smooth your hand over the lid and press to seal the lid in place.

3. tilt the tray and hold it over the sink until all excess water drains out.

4. Place tray in freezer.

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