A Simple Shear? No. It's A Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors

Author:TXDY | TIME:December 25,2018

It is universally acknowledged that there are lots of things to prepare before cooking. Therefore, people buy a lot of kitchen tools and make their small kitchen a great mess. Consequently, they have to spend a long time deciding which one should they use and looking everywhere for the exact tool. Shall we make things easier and simpler? Today, we will talk about multipurpose kitchen scissors .

Equipped with stainless steel blades, this poultry shears perfectly prevents rust even when you leave it in the wet kitchen, thus ensuring its durability and security in dealing with foodstuff. Stainless steel makes the scissors sharp and strong to cut even ribs and bones.

what comes to your mind when it comes kitchen scissors? Opening a package? Snipping vegetables? Cutting poultry? Of course, those are the basic skills of kitchen shears. Actually, good poultry shears could do more than a common one in the past. They could fulfill 99% of food preparation tasks before cooking.

Let's see what else could multipurpose kitchen scissors do?

  • Vegetable peeler

There is a slot cut into the blade of the scissor which is sharpened on the inside edge, while the other side prevents the blade from cutting too far into the vegetable. You could use it to remove the outer skin of carrots, potatoes, apples, pears, etc. 

kitchen scissors

  • Bottle Cap/Can Opener

There is a built-in can opener at the end of the handle. Crown caps are always annoying when you are waiting to drink a cool bottle of beer but you have to look everywhere for the bottle opener. The tiny opener could easily disappear from your house, buy a scissor are easier to be spotted. Just pick up the multipurpose kitchen scissors and pop the cap or cover.

kitchen scissors kitchen scissors

  • Nut Cracker

The space between the two handles shapes like pliers with which you could crack nuts and shells. Put the nuts or lobster in it and clamp it hard. No need to look for a real pair of pliers anymore. 

kitchen scissors

  • Easy-to-use design

When you want to cut the foodstuff more conveniently, you just need to take it apart and switched the kitchen shears into two knives. Open the scissors in a 90-degree angle and lift the blade to separate them. When it is taken apart, it is more comfortable to grip even when you want to slice the poultry or meat, remove fish scale or even clean it after use. The handle covered with protective PP material prevents you from getting hurt or feeling painful and tired to hold it.  

kitchen scissors

  • Considerate Bonus

In order to prevent your blades from exposing in the air and hurting you, there comes a magnetic case holder. You could also attach it to the refrigerator door for easy storage and access.

Whenever finishing using scissors, it is a difficult job to clean the residues hidden in the pivot zone that holds the scissors together. However, the kitchen shears allow you to take it apart and thoroughly wash it.


Tired of looking everywhere for scissors, cutters, peelers or openers? Fed up with various scattered kitchen tools on your countertop? Try the multipurpose kitchen scissors which are versatile and easy to store. It would get your life organized.  

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