UUSHER Silicone Spatula for Spreading or Mixing, Scooping, or Lifting

  • UUSHER 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set. A best silicone pastry scraper is your go-to tools for stirring, mixing, scraping, spreading and scooping.
  • High-Quality Silicone Spatula - The hygienic pastry scraper is made of food-grade silicone, super durable. it's non-toxic and contains no BPA. FDA-approved.
  • Double-Sided Pastry Scraper Set - Designed for multitasking convenience. The double-sided design allows it to be used as a scraper and spoon, so it’s an ideal kitchen accessory to mix, stir, scoop, scrape and spread cream & batter.
  • Easy To Use and Clean - Silicone spoon & scraper set is non-sticky and the food does not stick to any seams, no breeding bed for bacteria.
  • Aesthetic Design - Scraper set with an elegant appearance comes in yellow, green and purple. The pastry scraper spatula is suitable for modern kitchens.
  • Heat-Resistant Baking Accessory - food-degree Silicone material is antibacterial, stain-resistant and heat-resistant. This means it's hard to melt and you can safely use it.

Silicone spatula makes your baking preparation job more simple and fun than ever.

Double-Sided Spatula 

Two different ends are designed for multiple purposes. It can be used simultaneously as spatula & spoon, which makes your baking preparation easier. Easily fold, stir, mix, scoop and blend.

silicone spatula.jpg

Magic Accessory for Baking

The super durable silicone spoon & scraper is resistant to high temperatures and can be used for hot liquids and spread. Microwave-safe, no need to worry about it melting.

silicone spatula 2.jpg

Soft And Heat-Resistant

All spatulas are highly heat resistant and soft, and you can use them to make fluffy scrambled eggs without scraping the pan.

silicone spatula.jpg


1. It has a bit of smell and air out spatula to dissipate the smell.

2. Wash thoroughly before and after use

3. It's not suitable for cutting the dough with a spatula, using a knife instead.

Package Include:

1 x purple silicone spatula & spoon

1x green silicone spatula & spoon

1 x yellow silicone spatula & spoon


Product Name: UUSHER Silicone Spoonula, Silicone Rubber Spatula Spoon Scraper Dual Function Pastry Scraper Stir Mix Scrape Spread and Scoop Ingredients with Ease Powerful (opaque)

Brand Name: UUSHER

Quantity: 3 Piece

UPC: 783761049685

Manufacturer: UUSHER



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