UUSHER Plant Tags, Garden Markers Waterproof T-Type Labels 100 PCS 5 Colors with Black Marker Pen

  • Premium plant tags - Upgraded plastic makes the labels thicker, more flexible to bend, weatherproof and non-toxic.
  • Stand sturdily - The T-type garden markers tip ends, easy to be inserted into the soil but doing no harm to plant roots.
  • Compact size - Compatible with even small pots; taking up little space and do not prevent the seeds or plants from growing.
  • Matte surface - You could write on both sides with pencils or marker pens; 5 colors make the labels highly visible and easy to recognize.
  • Durable use - Oily pen makes the black writing long-lasting and waterproof; suitable for even outdoor use.

Growing plants is not an easy job, especially when you have to take care of nursery seeds or various kinds of plants. Plant tags is a useful helper to write down the name of nursery seeds, public signs in the gardens or growth conditions of different plants.

There are 5 colors of garden markers included in the package, which adds fun and convenience to gardening!


Premium material

UUSHER plant tags are made of Polypropylene, or PP which belongs to the group of polyolefins. Compared with polyethylene, PP material is slightly harder and more heat resistant. Therefore, you could leave it outdoors no matter in sunny or rainy days because it won’t easily get crispy, rust, corrode or fade.

T-type plant tags

The flexible material allows you to bend it and it remains intact. 

T-type plant tags

This advanced material produces no toxic elements, doing no harm to the plants, soil or the environment.


T-type Plant Tags

Featuring a T shape, the garden marker would stand sturdily in the soil with a tip end. The 2.76” long tail allows you to insert it as deep as possible.

The small size does not take up too much space in the flowerpot. You don’t have to worry that it would damage the plant roots or hinder the plants from growing.

T-type plant tags

Optional Colors

White, green, red, pink and blue are all highly visible colors so that the labels are easier to distinguish.

The bright colors could also cheer you up especially when you feel depressed. 

T-type plant tags

Easy-to-recognize marks

With a black marker pen included, you could write down brief information on the 2.36” x 1.18” writing panel.

The black color makes the marker easy to spot even on colorful tags while the oily writing prevents the marker from fading easily, which is suitable for outdoor use.

Suitable for seeds, flowers or trees in the flowerpots, gardens and parks.


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