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Author:TXDY | TIME:December 25,2018

Neither professional cooks nor housewives use knives to remove the outer skin of vegetables or fruits. They use peeler instead because it makes things easier and quicker.

Today, we would like to introduce you a peeler set which includes two potato peelers, a julienne peeler and a can opener.

Y-shaped Peeler vs Swivel Peeler

There are both Y-shaped peeler and swivel peeler available in this vegetable peeler set which is also the most common peelers in our daily life. What are the differences between them and if there is any advantage or disadvantage?

As you can see in the picture, Y-shape peeler has a horizontal blade while the swivel one has a vertical blade. 

peeler set

Using swivel peeler is similar to using a knife which allows you to move your hands back and forth when peeling fruits like apples, pears, etc. It is more popular among cooks because they think it brings them a natural feeling while it is also easier to use. The stainless steel blade allows this swivel peeler to peel thin long curls and produce the least waste. With a serrated blade, this peeler could work perfectly even on fruits or vegetables with slippery, waxy and soft skin, such as tomatoes, peaches, mango, etc.

peeler set

On the other hand, with a horizontal blade, it is often used by starting at the bottom and peeling the skin towards you. If you are new to a Y-shaped potato peeler, you have to spend some time before getting accustomed to it.

It is said that Y-shaped peeler works better on long and bar-like vegetables, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumber and so on. Obviously, it is more friendly to left-hand users.

peeler  peeler

This Y-shaped peeler is more like a julienne peeler than a simple vegetable peeler. No matter for making salad or garnishes, julienne strips are necessary. However, it is difficult to cut perfect strips with knives, but a julienne peeler could. The jagged edge on the blade helps you to shred beautiful food strips.

julienne peeler

There is another can opener in the peeler set. The can opener is necessary for the kitchen because you must have cans at home. What if you would like to drink a bottle of beer? Don’t worry because it is a 2-in-1 can opener. You could use it to lift your can cover or the beer bottle cap easily without getting yourself hurt.  

can opener

Sometimes you might worry that having 4 peeler pieces would make your kitchen a mess. However, UUSHER potato peeler set aims to spare you the trouble of organization. The stackable design allows you to stack one after another and store them in the drawer. The hanging hoop at the tail allows you to hang them up together or separately. No scattered kitchen tools and no mess, UUSHER peeler set is bound to make your life more convenient.

peeler set

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