UUSHER Shower Organizer: Your Bathroom Space Is Fully Used Than Ever Before

Author:Max | TIME:December 27,2018

Look at your counter in the bathroom, is there a variety of different bathroom supplies and cosmetics? A messy bathroom is definitely the easiest place to get messy. Bet your counter immediately becomes messy right after you spend half an hour organizing your bathroom. Is there a way to easily handle messy counters? Fortunately, UUSHER provides one of the fastest solutions to organize your bathroom. The secret lies in the adhensive wall mounted shower organizer.

What is The Shower Organizer?

Color: white

Size: 10.4x3.5x3.5 inches.

UUSHER shower organizer comes in white color, that is pretty and feels durable in hand. The compact bathroom shelf provides plenty of room to store your bathroom items. Small size does not mean small space. Instead, it allows you to organize your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics and more. How does it work? It is a wall-mounted model. The wall shelf is self-adhesive and you need to peel off the adhesive when you need to use it. Super convenient and easy to use. 

shower organizer 1.jpg

Wall Shelf Is Ideal For Small Bathroom

If you have a compact bathroom and need some extra storage space, then a wall shelf is definitely your best choice. It takes full advantage of the space on the bathroom walls and helps you free up your desk to place other items.

Although the shelf is compact but roomy, you can easily place different bathroom items. Multiple bathroom shelves can be mounted on one wall, whether they are horizontally aligned or vertically aligned. So, are you still worried that you have no place to put what you want? Of cause not.

This white shower organizer is aesthetically pleasing, suitable for modern bathrooms and can be effortlessly integrated into the color of your bathroom. You don't need to worry about it ruining the bathroom style.

How Durable Bathroom Shelf is?

The weighing test shows that the UUSHER Shower Organizer can support 10 kg, about 22 lbs. How it gets that well-performance? On the one hand, the adhesive film has super strong adhesion and cannot be easily affected by external force. When you don't need it and want to remove it, the method is to use a hair dryer to heat the film. How sticky it is. 

On the other hand, the high quality PP material is used to make bathroom shelf so durable. PP(Polypropylene) is a thermoplastic "addition polymer" made from a combination of propylene monomers. Its properties are similar to those of polyethylene, but it is slightly harder, more resistant to heat and more durable.

Tool-Free & No Drilling Installment

UUSHER shower organizer provides durability and aesthetics, but it does not require special installation techniques. It can be said that its installation is close to super simple. You don't need any installation tools like hammers, screwdrivers, etc. You just need to peel the glue and stick it to any smooth surface you want. Then hang the shelf on the hook. 

When you need to remove the glue, you need to use a hair dryer to heat, if necessary, you need a knife. Finally clean the surface.

shower organizer 2.jpg

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