How to Stuff Your Treat Bags

Author:TXDY | TIME:December 25,2018

Do you have to get troubled by what should you give to our guests after the party? Do you want to make your home-made cookies look more attractive when giving it to your friends and neighbors? Are you think about what to preparing for your preschool kids as they are about to go back to school after a long holiday?

Actually, all these troubles could be settled by a simple candy bag. There are 50 gold stripped treat bags and 50 gold polka dot ones in the package and each bag is equipped with a colorful twist tier. 

treat bags

Traditionally, it is acknowledged that treat bags are only designed for treats. Absolutely big NO. There are hundreds of ways to stuff your treat bags and you are bound to afford it. With such a beautiful and attractive package, the receiver could have been entertained even without looking what’s put inside.

Then how to stuff your treat bags, just go ahead.

  • Snacks

Treats is definitely one of the most suitable and wonderful things to be put into treat bags. Chocolate, cookies, candies or any other snacks, home-made or prepackaged, are all acceptable. They would easily grab the attention of both children and adults. Remember to make sure that whether if there any allergen food for some specific guests.

  • Practical things

You could put some practical accessories into your treat bags, better to cater to the theme of your parties. For example, you could put a pair of goggles in it for pool-side party guests, a pair of gloves to make your guests feel warm in winter and so on.

  • Creative things

If you are good at making things on your own, you could put some creative things made by yourself, which would bring a big surprise to your friends. If you are good at drawing pictures, how about drawing a cartoon self-portrait for each of your guests? If you love hand knitting, why not design a special bracelet and put it in the treat bags.

  • Memorable things

Each gathering should be a precious memory for everyone at present. If you think it a really important and memorable gathering, such as a birthday party or wedding, you could put some memorable souvenirs in your candy bags, such as bookmark with dates on it, a handkerchief with names on it, pens and so on which are also practical gifts in daily life. Whenever they pick up the gift, they would be reminded of the precious time that you have been spent together.

  • Growing things

If it is the first time that your kids go to school and meet their new friends and you would like him/her to share the happiness with their friends, you could put some seeds in the treat bags and send them to the children. After they plant the seed, they could observe the seeds grow as they grow up to. It would be a wonderful experience and lesson to teach your kids about life and growth.


We could see that not only the attractive package but also the magic things inside the package that surprise and cheer up your friends and guests. All these starts from the treat bags.

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