UUSHER Female Urinal, Pee Funnel Silicone Portable Urinal with Storage Tube Ideal for Camping Travel Festivals Outdoor Activities - Pink

  • Safe silicone material, easy-to-rinse, hygienic, and skin-friendly
  • Offers you a "stand and go" bathroom solution
  • Long urinary neck and tip shaped for easy aiming, no wet clothes or shoes!
  • Great for hiking, camping, road trip and traffic jam

Can't squat to pee?

Worry about unsanitary public toilets?

Has no suitable place to pee when you are in outdoors?

Here is a nice solution for ladies!

Use this UUSHER Female Urinal Funnel.

Silicone material, easy-to-rinse, hygienic, and skin-friendly.

Let's pee like a man!

uusher portable female urinal funnel

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