Tie Wraps: Easily Organize Cords With Zip Ties

Author:Max | TIME:December 27,2018

Cable clutter is a headache for modern offices. Of course, you will say that wireless connectivity has already made things much better. But in my opinion, it is not enough. Although you can use a wireless connection, we can still see the entangled wires around the desk. They have a lot of cables, whether they are PCs or laptops.

How to better organize these wires? UUSHER tie wraps provide a solution that allows you to organize them once and for all.

Collect and Tie Cables Together with Tie Wraps

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One way to make it easy for you to solve loose ropes is to use ties to collect them and tie them up using zip ties. First of all, you need to make sure that the ropes will be there for a long time.

A pack of 200 tie wraps only costs you about $10. In other words, you can easily help you solve Cable clutter for only $10. You need to separate the cables and then use zip ties to secure them together. Fasten with a tie and cut off the excess end. You can add ties in multiple places, which will allow you to get a more neat organization, resulting in a neat power board and desktop. In addition, tie wraps are suitable for organizing cables inside to prevent effectively overheated PC.

UUSHER Tie Wraps

For better cord organization, UUSHER brings an ultra-convenient nylon zip tie for indoor items! What makes them special, let’s have a look.

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Get 200 Tie Wraps In Low Price

In order to meet your bundle and finishing needs as much as possible, we have prepared 200 tie wraps in one package, including 100 white zippers and 100 black zippers. They are made of high quality nylon for durability and practicality.

Strong Nylon Zip Ties

Nylon material refers to a series of synthetic polymers of aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides, a thermoplastic filamentous material often used to melt and process into fibers or other shapes. In terms of microparticles, the intermolecular chains of nylon are linked by hydrogen bonds, which makes the cable tie made of nylon strong.

Unique Design

The zip ties feature a self-locking drawstring design, so they are more flexible and durable to bundle different wires and are not easily detached for some reason. And it has jaggedness. Once you tighten ties, you can easily hold the items in place and hold them together.

Expect for organizing the cable, you can use zip ties to balloon sculpture. If you want to create a beautiful balloon cluster or sculpture for your party, you just need to inject the balloon into the air and use the zip ties. You need to use a zip tie to pass through the end of the balloon, continue to pass the balloon through the zip to get what you want, then tighten the zip to secure the balloon.

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